Importance of Sociology

1. Sociology makes scientific study of society:

Prior to the emergence of Sociology, the study of Society was carried on in an unscientific manner and Society was never a central concern of any science. It is true that the study of sociology, the true scientific study of society has not been possible. Scientific knowledge of society is a pre-requisite to any marked improvement in the state of human affairs.

2. Sociology studies the role of the institution in the development of the individual:

It is through Sociology that the scientific study of the social institution and the relation of the individual to each other is being made. Sociology studies the social institution and their role in the development of the individual and suggests suitable measures for restrengthening them.

3. Sociology is indispensable for understanding and planning the society:

Without the investigation carried on by Sociology, no real effective social planning would be possible. It helps us to determine the most effective means for reaching the goals. A certain amount of knowledge about the society is necessary before any social policy can be carried out.

4. Sociology is of great importance in solution of social problems:

The present world is suffering from many problems, which can be solved only through the scientific study of sociology. It is the task of sociology to study the method of scientific research and to find out solution for them. The scientific study of human affairs will ultimately provide the body of knowledge and principles that will enable us to control the conditions of social life and to improve them.

5. Sociology has changed our outlook with regard to the problems of crime and criminals:

It is through the study of sociology that our whole outlook on various aspects of crime has changed. The criminals are no longer treated as degenerated beasts of our society. on the contrary they are regarded as human beings suffering from mental deficiencies and efforts are accordingly made to rehabilitate them as useful members of the society.

6. Sociology has made great contribution to enrich the human culture:

Sociology has given us training to have notional approach to questions concerning oneself , one’s religion, customs, morals and institutions. Sociology also impresses upon us the necessity of overcoming narrow personal prejudices.

7. Sociology has a great importance in solution of international problems:

The study of sociology of war will help us in understanding the underlying causes of wars and remove all such causes which promote confusion among the nations ultimately leading to war.


In India, the importance of study of sociology is increasing as the Indian society is undergoing a rapid transformation. Increasing urbanization has brought in a wake of problems such as- homicides, slums, epidemic, crime, juvenile delinquency, group conflicts, etc. The first step towards solving these problems is to understand the social backgrounds of these problems. Sociology is indispensable in understanding and providing analysis so that these problems could be reduced.



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