Dictatorship is a form of government in which a country or a group of countries is ruled by one person (a dictator) or by a political entity, and power is exercised through various mechanism in order to ensure that the entity’s power remains strong.

A dictatorship is a type of authoritarianism, in which politicians regulate nearly every aspect of the public and private behaviour of citizens. Dictatorship and totalitarian societies generally employ political propaganda in order to decrease the influence of proponents of alternative governing systems. In the past, different religious tactics were used by dictators in order to maintain their rule, such as the monarchical system in the west.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, traditional monarchies gradually declined and disappeared. Dictatorship and constitutional democracy emerged as the world’s two major forms of government.

Dictatorship is completely opposed to democracy. When a person or a group of persons become very powerful, seizes state power by extraconstitutional means and rules without paying any heed whatsoever to the wish of the people, it is dictatorship. In the dictatorial form of government the Dictator regards himself as absolute Sovereign and all his activities in respect of governance are directed accordingly. All powers of the State — Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, Military, etc. remains directly or indirectly concentrated in the hands of the Dictator. All sorts of freedom are gagged and all voices of dissent are silenced by coercion in dictatorial rule. In the name of the nation a myth is created in dictatorship.

Dictatorship makes no distinction between the State and the Society, and between the State and the Ruler. The dictator takes much pride in saying I am the State. The cult of dominance and authoritarianism of the dictator are prized above everything.


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